Code of Conduct

Students are expected to conduct themselves using the following guidelines while in class, in the schoolyard and while representing the Entrepot Secondary School.

  • Use appropriate language. No use of profanity or inappropriate language at any time.
  • Fighting, even play fighting is prohibited.
  • Always be respectful to teaching staff, administrators, ancillary staff and fellow students.
  • Be on time for school and class.
  • Leave non-essential, potentially distracting items at home. Items such as video-games, pornographic materials, etc., that are distracting to the education environment will be confiscated.
  • Chewing gum is not allowed on the premises.
  • Recognize the authority of the teachers at all times.
  • Recognize the authority of the Prefects in the absence of a teacher.
  • Stand when a teacher enters the classroom.
  • Students MUST NOT go out of a classroom at the end of a period or between class periods unless authorized to do so. Only the incoming teacher can allow a student out of the class. Students, therefore, are encouraged to make proper use of the break periods.
  • Littering of the classroom or the school compound is strictly forbidden.
  • Students are expected to be honest at all times. Therefore, lying, cheating and stealing are strictly forbidden.
  • Students should not congregate at the general administration area of the school, this includes the Principal’s Office, the staff room or the main office.
  • Students should not damage school furniture.
  • Students should not deface their classroom or any area of the school.
  • Male and female students should only use the toilets designated for their use.