PTA Executive

The Executive of the Entrepot Secondary School Parent Teacher Association are as follows:

President:Mrs. Genifa Jolie
Vice President:Mrs. Debra Pamphile-Maclean
Immediate Past President:Ms. Christine Marshall
Secretary: Ms. Sydwina Alexander
Assistant Secretary: Mrs. Suzette Jacob St. Clair
Treasurer:Ms. Annette Pierre
Assistant:Mrs. Ucillia Kirton
Public Relations Officer:Ms Liza Joseph
Assistant P.R.O.:Ms. Gail Francis
Floor Representatives:Mr. Jim Xavier
Ms. Gail Ermay
Mr. Leroy Charles
Ms. Hermina D’Auvergne
Ms. Brendaline Descartes
Ms. Elena Jean
Administrative Representative:Ms. Stephanie St. Rose
Honorary Member:Mr. Bert Pierre
Teacher Representatives:Mr. Omar Jordan
Mrs. Sophia Lashley

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