“Character is Power”

The Entrepot Secondary School places heavy focus on the character development of its students to prepare them fully for life and its many challenges. Students are therefore groomed in the areas of:

  • General deportment
  • Respect for authority and their peers
  • Their attendance at school and classes
  • Conforming with the rules and regulations of the school
  • Conduct in and out of school
  • Work ethics
  • Striking a balance between the academics and the extra-curricular activities
  • Performing at their true potential
  • Peer counseling & tutoring
  • Good morals
  • Developing talents
  • Good study habits
  • Time management

The school’s motto,”Character is Power”, is in itself a very strong statement as we know that no matter what sphere of life one engages in, the level of one’s character development will determine the individual’s level of success.

Parents are charged with the responsibility of selecting school for their children; this task, we believe, is one of the most important decisions one can take as it will have a great influence on the children’s future.

While parents make their choice of school, students have the responsibility of accepting ownership for their learning.

Students who enter at the Grade 7 level are assigned to the school from the Common Entrance Examinations. The age range of students at the Entrepot Secondary School is from 11 – 17 years.

The school is located in Entrepot, in Castries East, in a residential area about 10 minutes walking distance from the heart of the city.

The curriculum is designed to develop each student holistically and to provide each one the opportunity to receive a wholesome education from a wide curriculum and with a cadre of very competent and dedicated staff members.

Thanks for browsing through our website and for taking time to learn more abut our school, what it offers and, most importantly, getting to know who we are and what we value.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Entrepot Secondary School.

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