1. When was the Entrepot Secondary School opened?

The Entrepot Secondary School was officially opened on January 10, 1972 as a Junior Secondary School. A total of one hundred and seventy (170) students were welcomed to the school and were placed into five (5) Form One classes.

  1. When was the school transformed to a full five-form secondary school?

The transformation took place in 1984 and our Form Three students were promoted to Form Four at the school.

  1. Who are some of the Principals who served at the school?

At the official opening, Reverend Rae Boxill served as Principal. He held this position until 1977. Other Principals include:

Mr. Albert NathanielPrincipal1977 – 1995
Mr. Wilbert KingActing1978 – 1979
Ms. Marie HeadleyActing1978 – 1980
Mrs. Camilla ReeceActing1980
Mr. Earl JohnPrincipal1995 – 1996
Mrs. Augusta IfillPrincipal1996 – 2001
Mrs. Juliana CadetteActing1997 – 1998
2001 – 2002
Mr. Ronald Isaac Principal2002 – 2003
Mr. Arthur ScottPrincipal2003 – Present


  1. What is the school’s highest performance in English and Mathematics?

The Entrepot Secondary School, over the years, has implemented a number of strategies aimed at increasing the school’s performance in English Language and Mathematics at the CSEC examinations. At the June 2014 CSEC examinations the school recorded a marked improvement in these subjects especially Mathematics.

  • For English Language – 82.3%
  • For Mathematics – 74.24%
  1. What are the technical subjects offered at the CSEC level?

The technical Subjects offered include the following:

  • Electricity
  • Electronic Document Preparation & Management (E.D.P.M.)
  • Information Technology
  • Technical Drawing


  1. What are some of the school’s major achievements in sports?

The school is proud to have produced some world-class athletics. The island’s representatives in High Jump, for both the male and female, are past students of this school in the persons of Ms. Lavern Spencer and Mr. Darvin Edwards.

In the area of basketball, in the year 2000, the school was able to emerge winners of the Secondary Schools Basketball competition, being the first school to beat St. Mary’s College. Some of our basketball players have attained scholarships to study in the United States namely, Arnold Henry and Ed Desir.

  1. Is Music being offered at the school?

Music has for some time been offered as a subject from the lower to upper school. Students are able to write this subject at the CSEC level.

Besides Music being on the timetable, students are also able to join the Steel Pan Group, the Choir or the School’s Band. Our school is affiliated to the Bishop Anstey and Trinity College East Steel and our steel pan players have gone on tours to Trinidad and have performed there as well. The Entrepot Steel Sound’s last tour in 2013 gave them the opportunity to perform for the staff and students of the Bishop Anstey and Trinity College East and for the general public at Movie Towne.


  1. Does the school have an open door policy for parents/guardians of its students?

While the school encourages parents and guardians to make regular visits to the school, the school has set aside two (2) days in the week to accommodate parents with their concerns. Parents/Guardians are requested to make an appointment to see the Principal or teachers on these days. In the case of emergencies, parents will be attended to.

  1. How can one apply for a transcript of a student’s grades?

The Past student or parent/guardian must present some form of identification and must furnish the school with basic information on the person for whom the transcript would be prepared.