The Entrepot Secondary School is fortunate to have one of the best organised Parent Teacher Associations on the island. Parents of present as well as former students play their part on the executive committee and the sub committees. Throughout the school year parents engage in a number of fund raising, school beautification, student welfare, social and educational activities.

Some of the projects undertaken by the Association include:

  • The paving of the school’s multipurpose court
  • The tiling of the classrooms and some special rooms
  • Erection of concrete lunch tables
  • Paving walkways

In an effort to sustain the association’s account, some fund raising activities are organized on an annual basis. Parents, teachers, students and well wishers look forward to these activities. These include:

  • The Karaoke and barbecue – during the second Term
  • The Annual Country & Western Dance – Easter time
  • The Annual Boat Ride – Whitsuntide

The Educational activities that are also organized for parents are usually held around mother’s or father’s day. It may involve a panel discussion or talk but it is usually aimed at sharpening their parental skills.

Throughout the year parents are engaged in a lot of hard work and attend a number of meetings, so at Christmas time everyone comes together to socialize in the Christmas party.