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The Entrepot Secondary School, formally known as the Entrepot Junior Secondary School, was opened in January 10, 1972. In September 1984, it was upgraded to its present status as a full-fledged secondary school.

Academically, our students’ performance has been able to match most of the other institutions in St. Lucia. Many outstanding personalities in the nation, received their formative training at this institution and continue to make their mark in our society.

Among the many extra-curricular activities offered, the school boasts of its excellent sports and music programmes that have allowed our students to gain national and international recognition.

Some of our outstanding sports persons are: Levern Spencer, Vernetta Lesporis, Darwin Edwards, Arnold Henry and Ed Desir. Our musicians are: Nadine Roberts, Pearletta Avril, Hugh James, Marvelon Mitchell, James Lewis, Christopher Neil, Lindy Jean, Irvin Loctor, Thygeson Joseph and Maria Lamontagne.

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Past Students

Professor Eddy Ventose is a qualified Attorney-at-Law Read more....
Anthony George holds a Doctor of Philosophy (2010), 
Attending Entrepot Secondary School was not my first choice; nor was it the second. Read more...
Darvin attended the Entrepot Secondary School in Castries from September 2000 to July 2005. Read more....
Marcia Symphorien is a past student of the Entrepot Secondary School and student of the year of the class of 1990. Read more....
Born 23rd June 1984, daughter of Donald and Anne Marie Spencer, she attended Entrepot Secondary School, Read more....

“Entrepot Secondary School, like really?”, “what happened to SMC” Read more....

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