The Entrepot Secondary School, in its thrust to produce men and women of character, recognizes the achievements of some great St. Lucians in their particular field and uses them as role models to encourage its students to strive for excellence. The houses have been named after these famous persons.

  • Francois House is named after the late Hunter Francois, former Minister of Education.
  • Lewis House bears the name of Sir Arthur Lewis, the Noble Laureate for Economics.
  • Phillip House is named after the great St. Lucian Cricketer, Mr. Francis “Mindoo” Phillip.
  • Walcott House is named after Derek Walcott, another St. Lucian Noble Laureate in Literature.

Each House is also represented by one of the colours on the school’s crest.

BlueLewis House
GreenWalcott House
YellowPhillip House
RedFrancois House

All students and members of staff, teaching as well as ancillary staff, are members of the various Houses. Members of staff are listed below in the various Houses.

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Past Students

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